Tracy-Ann is the CEO of Royalty Candlescents Co. She is a Registered Nurse, wife and mother of three. She enjoys the serenity and calmness that comes from making candles and elegant scents that can transform any space. She believes that each candle should be a vibe when lit! When Tracy-Ann is not being a Healthcare Leader or making candles, you can find her traveling with her girlfriends or spending time at one of her children’s soccer game. Yes, she is an avid soccer mom! 

Being a healthcare leader, and managing hundreds of employees daily made her seek an outlet for peace and tranquility after hours . What better way than a glass of wine and a beautiful candle. It was then she realized there wasn’t a wide array of blended or elegant scents and vessels to capture her par fume palette. She then turned her intrigue into a hobby which became a passion. In December 2020, RoyaltyCandleScents Co was birthed !  Little did Tracy-Ann know she was sitting on her true passion. Being a boss in everyday life, having to speak on platforms and make critical decisions, was a decisive factor behind her first scent “Lush”. This sweet scent is for the bold, powerful, eccentric, fearless ladies that can walk into a room and own it. Not only are we a brand of elegance and pure vibe we wanted to make sure all candles are safe for your home and loved ones.  RoyaltyCandlescents Co is hand-crafted with 100% soy and coconut wax, hand poured in small batches with the best fragrance oils. We offer a variety of scents each uniquely made and is guaranteed a lit vibe! We also provide beautiful candle vessels and accessories. We have everything you need to complete your candle desires! 

Why should you shop with us? We carefully pick each scent and blends by using only the best quality and phthalate free premium oils. After allowing our candles to cure we place them through a rigorous burn performance prior to placing them for sale. Each candle is made with you in mind. Whether you are looking for a tranquil night or day, a seasonal scent or just want to hang with your friends we have a collection just for you! Royalty Candlescents is ready to be a lit-uation in your home!